Bike Fest 2016


2016 Highlights

Bike Fest 2016 was a blast! People all over the region rode bikes for fun, for exercise, to check out new businesses, and to meet up with old friends. We would like to thank everyone who made Bike Fest happen this year by hosting an event, attending an event and/or letting friends and neighbors know about Bike Fest. We would especially like to thank our sponsors for making it happen this year!

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Overview of results

Here’s a look at what we did, together:

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  • over 45 events took place all over town, many of them hosted by people or businesses for the first time.
  • 35,000 people rode a bike during Bike Fest this April — that’s incredible!
  • together the participants of the 2-mile Commuter Challenged logged 27,310 miles by bike in April — that’s more miles than the circumference of the Earth!


Individual winners

Now, here’s a look at what the top 15 individuals accomplished. Remember, you are rewarded for the number of trips made by bicycle (frequency) during the month of April, not by how long those trips are (mileage):

  1. Patrick Cunningham, 242 trips
  2. Carissa Sipp, 137 trips
  3. Colin Holmes, 131 trips
  4. Steve Wilson, 113 trips
  5. Paul Blowers, 99 trips
  6. Ann Chanecka, 98 trips
  7. J Liska, 96 trips
  8. Kieran Sikdar, 91 trips
  9. David Walker, 90 trips
  10. Clifford Meyer, 88 trips
  11. Monique Laraway, 84 trips
  12. Gabrielle Jehle, 78 trips
  13. Hannah Stitzer, 78 trips
  14. Adam Frumhoff, 77 trips
  15. Stephan Leimroth, 75 trips

These numbers are REALLY big! Just how big you ask? For comparison, last year’s winner logged 96 trips. That number was met or exceeded by the top 7 finishers this year. Way to go Tucson! We heard some stories from different participants about tricks they used during their day, like visiting lots of local businesses, just to run up their trip counts. We think this is great because, not only does it get you more exercise, it emphasizes the fact that bicyclists are great customers and supporters of local businesses.

Many thanks to our nearly 20 participating Bike Fest businesses who supported biking and people riding their bikes all month long with special deals, discounts and good cheer! We hope all Bike Fest fans will continue to support these businesses throughout the year — they are BIG fans of the bicycle!


Workplace Commuter Challenge Winner

Congratulations, BICAS!

Join us congratulating everyone at BICAS on their victory! Tucson’s community bicycle education and recycling center has been teaching people how to use, care for, and transform bicycles into so much more than just two wheels for getting around, they recycle unusable bike parts into fantastic artistic and functional pieces available for purchase at their annual Art Auction fundraiser and community celebration.

The competition during the Workplace Commuter Challenge this year was INTENSE! There was a tight race to the finish with BICAS (Bicycle Inter-Community Art & Salvage) and Technicians for Sustainability (TFS) swapping the lead weekly and even daily. Both of these organizations, as well as third place finisher (and last year’s champions) Watershed Management Group, should be acknowledged for their creativity in approaching this year’s challenge and for the FUN ways they encouraged participation at their work sites.

For example, at the end of the month employees of BICAS organized a group pub crawl so they could enjoy happy hour together and rack up their trip counts. TFS purchased a fleet of bicycles for employee use (which didn’t actually arrive until the LAST day of April) and encouraged their employees to use the bicycles during their lunch hour and for running errands.

Their methodology worked! BICAS employees racked up a total of 843 trips with 16 employees participating (a whopping average of 53 trips per employee), while TFS posted up 824 among 29 employees (an average of 28 trips per employee). Colin Holmes, a BICAS employee of nearly 10 years, said it was hard to shake the Bike Fest mindset on May 1st because he had become so used to thinking of all the places he could stop in at during his day. Way to go BICAS!

First place finisher BICAS, 843 trips


Honorable mention and virtual HIGH FIVES to TFS, 824 trips


Help us improve the Workplace Commuter Challenge for next year by taking 5 minutes to complete this survey. We’d love to hear from you about what worked well and what can be done better in 2017. Thank you!


Bike Fest Tucson is an annual celebration of the most incredible form of human-powered transportation in the world – the bicycle!

Happening each year during the month of April, Living Streets Alliance is honored to bring Bike Fest to the greater Tucson region!