Bike Fest 2016

Bike Fest Tucson is an annual celebration of the most incredible form of human-powered transportation in the world – the bicycle!

Happening each year during the month of April, Living Streets Alliance is honored to bring Bike Fest to the greater Tucson region!



2015 Highlights

bikemonth13The BIGGEST Bike Fest in Tucson’s history is one for the record books! We had such a blast sharing the roads with you and hearing about all your fun, creative, and social rides. With over 75 events scheduled throughout the month and covering every corner of our region, it was impossible to attend them all. We appreciate everyone who Tweeted, Instagrammed, and posted photos or updates to Facebook throughout the month so we could share in the fun.

Many thanks to our nearly 20 participating Bike Fest businesses who supported biking and people riding their bikes all month long with special deals, discounts and good cheer! We hope all Bike Fest fans will continue to support these businesses throughout the year — they are BIG fans of the bicycle!

2015 Commuter Challenge highlights:

Overview of results

This year’s 2-Mile Commuter Challenge was a big hit with new and returning commuters alike. Up from last year, we had just about 200 cyclists from close to 60 different organizations or businesses logging their everyday commute trips. Here’s a glance (to the right) at the cumulative effects of all that cycling:

Individual winners

Here are the 2015 top 10 finishers in our 2-Mile Commuter Challenge. These folks logged the most trips by bike, trips that were made without a car!

  1. Kieran Sikdar, 96 trips
  2. Lisa Shipek, 82 trips
  3. Carissa Sipp, 79 trips
  4. Catlow Shipek, 68 trips
  5. J. Liska, 62 trips
  6. Kathryn Skinner, 58 trips
  7. Emma Stahl-Wert, 56 trips
  8. Abraham Moreno, 54 trips
  9. Benjamin Matiella, 53 trips
  10. Bonnie Goble, 52 trips

Workplace Commuter Challenge winner

New this year we hosted a Workplace Commuter Challenge, encouraging local employers and employees to participate in a little good-natured workplace competition. A well-deserved congratulations goes to Watershed Management Group, whose 12 (out of 16) employees collectively logged 448 trips by bicycle — almost double the number of the second ranked organization, Pima County’s IT Department. To see a complete list of organizational totals, go here.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2-Mile Commuter Challenge. We look forward to bringing this popular part of Bike Fest back and expanding it in 2016!