2-Mile Commuter Challenge

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What is the 2-Mile Commuter Challenge?

Did you know? Half of all trips in the U.S. are three miles or less, but fewer than 2 percent of those trips are made by bicycle, while 72 percent of them are driven. These are trips that are easily made by bike and, often, are just as fast or sometimes FASTER by bike than driving a car when searching for parking is considered.

This is the inspiration behind the 2-Mile Commuter Challenge. Use that bike for short trips, tell us about it, and WIN!

What constitutes a trip?

We count one trip as there-and-back. When logging you trips in April, count the number of round trips you make by bike, not each leg of the trip.

Winners are decided based on the number of trips a bike was used, instead of a car, not the distance of that trip.

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CONGRATULATIONS to the 2015 Individual and Workplace Commuter Challenge winners!

Here’s a look at the Top 10 finishers in the Individual category of our 2-Mile Commuter Challenge. These folks logged the most trips by bike, trips that were made without a car!

  1. Kieran Sikdar, 96 trips
  2. Lisa Shipek, 82 trips
  3. Carissa Sipp, 79 trips
  4. Catlow Shipek, 68 trips
  5. J. Liska, 62 trips
  6. Kathryn Skinner, 58 trips
  7. Emma Stahl-Wert, 56 trips
  8. Abraham Moreno, 54 trips
  9. Benjamin Matiella, 53 trips
  10. Bonnie Goble, 52 trips

Workplace Commuter Challenge Winners:

New this year we hosted a Workplace Commuter Challenge, encouraging local employers and employees to participate in a little good-natured workplace competition. A well-deserved congratulations goes to Watershed Management Group, whose 12 (out of 16) employees collectively logged 448 trips by bicycle — almost double the number of the second ranked organization, Pima County’s IT Department. To see a complete list of organizational totals, go here.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2-Mile Commuter Challenge. We look forward to bringing this popular part of Bike Fest back and expanding it in 2016!

About the 2-Mile Commuter Challenge:

Every year, as part of Bike Fest, we host a 2-Mile Commuter Challenge as a pat on the back to everyone who uses their bicycle for transportation during the month of April.

Did you know that roughly half of all household trips in the U.S. are 2 miles or under?  It’s true, and these types of trips are totally doable by bike.

Give it a try!  April 1st-29th, you can log your trips traveled by bike – any trip traveled by bike, not just to and from work – and be entered to win a variety of prizes including gift certificates to your favorite restaurants, bicycle gear, and more.

Prizes for individuals with the most trips logged will be announced Friday, April 1st.

The workplace Commuter Challenge!

Nothing like a little good old-fashioned, good-natured competition to kickstart a new habit. We encourage bicycle enthusiasts to round up their co-workers, get them to sign up, then have them track their bike trips April 1st-29th. Workplaces will have the chance to see where they rank in comparison to other similarly sized companies throughout the region and earn bragging rights for the rest of the year. Remember: any bike trip counts, even on weekends!

Click here to see how the organizations who’ve sign up are doing relative to each other!

The winning workplace will get major coverage. We’ll publish a story on this website and share it on social media, in our e-blasts, and in press releases. Each participating employee will also receive a bike bell and a 1-year household Living Streets Alliance membership.

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