2-Mile Commuter Challenge

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Every year, as part of Bike Fest, we host a 2-Mile Commuter Challenge as a pat on the back to everyone who uses their bicycle for transportation during the month of April. Did you know that roughly half of all household trips in the U.S. are 2 miles or under?  It’s true, and these types of trips are totally doable by bike.

Give it a try!  For the entire month of April, you can log your trips traveled by bike and be entered to win a variety of prizes including gift certificates to your favorite restaurants, bicycle gear, and more.  The grand prize will be a LINUS bike, complete with rear rack to make it perfect for just about any type of errand or for simply gliding around town.

2775 trips recorded so far this April by 183 participants!

To get started, register for the 2-Mile Commuter challenge.  Then, for the entire month of April, record any trip  you make by bicycle.  You’ll be surprised how easy it is, how much money you save, and by how good you feel by converting even just a few trips a week to bike.

At the end of April, we’ll tally up your trips and enter you in drawings to win the following and more:

30+ trips:

Linus Mixte or Roadster Sport


20+ Trips:

BriefcaseLinus Harrison Briefcase

Eleanor bag_largeLinus Eleanor Bag

MountedMarketBag3 webLinus Market Bag

15+ Trips:

satchel2Linus Satchel

Sa3Linus Sac

10+ Trips:

green-pouch-on-bike_CROPPED_-0244Linus Pouch

Gift Card from Buffalo Exchange

5+ Trips:

Set of Planet Bike lights

Sweet black bike bell


And yes, you get entered to win prizes from each of the categories below your level too.  (So, if you – for example – log 30+ trips in April, you’ll be entered to win all of the prizes mentioned above.)  More prizes are coming in daily, so check back often to see how many additional things you can win!


This is all about encouragement.  We want to make it easy and fun for YOU to ride your bike for a variety of purposes throughout the month.  So, to keep it simple, just log your trips and we’ll total them out at the end of the month.  You can do all of your 30+ trips in the first week, if that’s your style, or one trip each day, or multiple trips each weekend… whatever is most accommodating for your lifestyle.  On May 1st, we’ll draw names from each pool and announce the winners.* (Note: you can only win one prize.)

*LSA staff, board members, and their families do not qualify.