Want to host an event?

Bike Fest Tucson is here to give you ideas to help you organize fun, casual rides that can feature your club, group, business, neighborhood, interests, and friends. Finding a reason to ride bikes and organizing a ride is easy and can be completed in just five steps

1) Pick a theme

Bike Fest is your excuse to explore your city and tap into your creativity. Maybe you like the idea of dressing in costumes (Tweed Ride!), or visiting destinations with a theme (Tour of Tucson’s Biggest Trees!), or stopping at small businesses to let them know how much bicyclists support them. We know you’ve got great ideas, but if you’re looking for some inspiration, check out this list here. By the way, people love to socialize over food and drink. While we don’t recommend riding and eating at the same time, creating a route that stops at places to eat or organizing a progressive dinner or potluck style picnic will be fabulously successful events!

2) Pick a date and time

Consider your ridership. Will the ride be for family-types or for the independently-natured? Give your riders some idea of what to expect regarding both start time and amount of time spent riding.

Estimated Departure

Chill-out. Whatever your specified time, leave fifteen minutes after so to allow for those running late or stuck in traffic to arrive. Remember Bike Fest rides typically aren’t about racing so punctuality isn’t a top priority – having fun along the way is!

3) Set the route

Determine a start location and let people know if the route will end at someplace other than where it starts. Since Bike Fest encourages social rides, use a Tucson bike map to make for a safe, leisurely route. Otherwise, let people know if you plan on riding fast and/or on heavily trafficked roads.

4) Upload a description to the Bike Fest calendar (at the bottom of this page)

To ensure maximum participation and excitement for the bike ride you’ve worked hard to create, look at the events calendar and make sure your date and time don’t conflict with other events!

5) Help spread the word!

The best means of getting riders for your event is telling people about it in person. Having a handout really helps so people can remind themselves of the ride. Bike Fest will help promote rides entered into our calendar through the press and on social media.

See – it’s easy!

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